Desmond Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Desmond from birth through now at almost 5 months old. To read about what we are up to or to see more pictures of Desmond and the rest of us, feel free to check out my blog. Yes, I know this is a really simple webpage, but it works for me for the moment, I may make it fancier later, or I may not.

Desmond right after birth. It is a newborn baby!

Dan meeting Desmond for the first time.

Desmond's first try at Tummy Time around 6 days old.


On a walk to the soccer fields

Ready to go out and explore at 2 and a half weeks old.

Tummy Time! June 14th (so 2 months old)

At the zoo, July 21st

Three month old pictures, in 6-12 month clothes, I'm a big boy now!

One of Mommy's Favorite Pictures of Desmond

At the Zoo again, August 18th

Looking at Turtles

Nap Time on August 20th

Lunch Time!

Tired out from Gymboree, August 29th

It's K-line! We couldn't leave him out

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